Unification of rules

We are uniting competition rules at European level

Fight against doping

We are fighting against doping and creating clean evironment for athletes


We are bringing the newest methodologies for athletes



  • The activity aims to create uniform competition rules at European level. 
  • The rules will be applied to modern trends in natural bodybuilding and fitness.
  • It is crucial to have judges educated.
  • The unification of competition rules will help us unite the way of judging at national and international level.
  • Uniform methodology and training of antidoping officials.
  • Creating antidoping standards.
  • Creating a campaign to reach younger generations.
  • Educate the youth about positive aspects of sport and healthy exercise.
  • Creating methodology for athletes of each category.
  • Educational materials by experts in the field of nutrition and training.
  • Common strategy of fitness education in schoools.
  • Creating standards for coaches of fitness and PE teachers.