The  European representatives of natural bodybuilding met 23rd March at the first meeting in Munich, Germany. Members of German Natural Bodybuilding  & Fitness Federation (GNBF), Hungarian Natural Bodybuilding  Association (BTESE – INBA Hungary), Slovak Association of Natural Bodybuilding (SANK), Romanian Association of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness (RANB – INBA Romania) and Czech Fitnesscentrum Kobra Bruntál, were included first time in such project of European Commission.

The president of SANK, Viliam Rigo, introduced the whole project and explained duties, responsibilities, but mainly advantages of such a project. „It is a huge step for natural bodybuilding in Europe. We have always dreamt about having time and finance for meetings like these to take steps which would lead to united ideas of our sport.“ said Viliam Rigo.

Kick off meeting in Munich was mainly infomative as each member had to learn what opportunity as well as reponsibility it is. After explaining the programm guide of Erasmus + project, Viliam Rigo introduced the topics which would be to covered during the whole year. A few members took on a job to participate on creating materials which would be helpful to each topic. Berend Breitestein, the president of GNBF, lifetime natural bodybuilder and author of a few books, was the right person to be appointed with the topic of „Methodology of preparation of natural bodybuilders.“  Berend Breitenstein said: „I am honored to be a part of this project. I am more than happy to pass on my knowledge to all sportsmen who want to do the sport naturally without using any steroids.“

Eva Mistrová, the president of Czech Fitness club who has a lot of experience with training a youth got her role of teaching others how to prepare athletes for fitness category. „I am more than happy to share my experience in this beautiful sport as fitness is. My aim is to bring back more and more people to do fitness. It is not only about jumping on the stage, but also having a healthy lifestyle.“

Jan Berdy and Viliam Rigo (SANK) took on topics „Preparation of judges“ and „Talented youth“. One of the most important topics was given to Endre Estok, the president of INBA Hungary. His role would be to unite rules and judging criteria within associations. „I know it is a difficult task, but this is a one time opportunity to set the rules and judging criteria and all those countries who would like to join us in the future will have a clear idea of what we prefer and why natural bodybuilding is different.“ Endre Estok said. He collected a lot of ideas from other members as each association can have different perception of competitions, categories and judging criteria.

Natural bodybuilding is a sport which fights against doping. Using steroids and prohibited substances is strongly prohibited. Representatives of the project „Europewide Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness“ are life long fighters natural athletes who want to lead others to do the sport in a clean way and live a healthy life. It takes a lot of education for their athletes, but also for them. Therefore the topic of „Fight against doping“ will be a responsibility of Dr. Miroslav Motycik who has a lot of experience with the matter. It will be his role to educate and explain all the proceedings that sports organization has to undergo in accordance to WADA standards.

Leaders of the Erasmsu + project „Europewide Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness“ left Munich with a lot of positive emotions and they were eager to work on making their sport and their organizations more profound.