2nd Meeting - Senec, Slovakia

The  European leaders of natural bodybuilding and their members met 27th June at the second meeting in Senec, Slovakia. Members of German Natural Bodybuilding  & Fitness Federation (GNBF), Hungarian Natural Bodybuilding  Association (BTESE – INBA Hungary), Slovak Association of Natural Bodybuilding (SANK), Romanian Association of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness (RANB – INBA Romania) and Czech Fitnesscentrum Kobra Bruntál created a group of 50 people who were part of decision making for natural bodybuilding in Europe.

The program was quite rich as leaders knew in advance that there is a lot to say, set and decide. There were 2 topics to deal with:

  1. Preparation of referees/ judges
  2. Unification of competition rules at a European level

Jan Berdy (SANK) who is a an experieced judged for more than 20 years had a very detailed presentation about judging. He focused on each category, ethics of judges and education of judges. The contribution of other leaders to the topic was greatly appreciated. The perception of an ideal athlete of a certain category can vary in each country. Everyone knew about it and therfore a meeting like this was much needed. The spirit at the meeting was friendly and that made it easier to work. The material created for the meeting is a great tool to educate new, young and perspective judges all over Europe.

Endre Estok  (BTESE – INBA Hungary) the president of Hungarian association is a judge and a former athlete. He was the right person to choose for such a diffcult job as uniting competition rules and judging criteria of categories. As mentioned before it is not easy to find an idol for each category and thus create competition rules which would fit in each organization. Endre Estok worked with all the experience he gained in his long career. This part of the meeting was the hardest one as leaders of each organization had to make very important decisions, which will influence their athletes, once they are implemented. At the end of the day all the decisions were made and each leader was very pleased with the outcome. Everybody could feel the appreciation of running the project Erasmus+ by European Commision as it is a life-time opportunity to be all together in a war room and create history in the sport at European level.

Leaders decided about following:

  • Categories
  • What categories are relevant for this sport. Which categories can be expected to become popular in the future and also which categories must be promoted better to save them as they belong to the sport.
  • Posing
  • Correct posing in each category so each athlete poses the same way.
  • FFMI
  • Fat Free Mass Index measures to be implemented during the registrations. A tool to choose which athletes should undergo doping tests.
  • Sports wear
  • How to prevent inappropriate clothing on the stage so athletes’ gear looks more or less uniformed.
  • Crossovers
  • Keeping the sport spirit high and not allowing it become only a show. Athletes are made to compete only in one category.

The quality of the meeting was very high. Leaders of participating organizations are well experieneced people who know exactly what is the best for natural bodybuilding. Some of the decisions made can sound extreme to their athletes, but the vision is clear and from a long term point of view it will have a positive impact.

Leaders left Slovakia tired, but very motivated. The relationships have strengthen each of them agreed that thanks to project of Erasmus + natural bodybuilding in Europe will become a proper sport which can be recognized by other organizations and it will grow fast in near future.