3rd Meeting - Budapest, Hungary

The  European leaders of natural bodybuilding and their members met again 29th August at the third meeting in Budapest, Hungary. Members of German Natural Bodybuilding  & Fitness Federation (GNBF), Hungarian Natural Bodybuilding  Association (BTESE – INBA Hungary), Slovak Association of Natural Bodybuilding (SANK), Romanian Association of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness (RANB – INBA Romania) and Czech Fitnesscentrum Kobra Bruntál created a group of about 50 people who were ready to learn and educate themselves about anti-doping proceedings.

Doping in sport is a serious problem which has been growing for a long time. Media are covering a lot of scandals in all sports, but it never seems to be solved. On the other hand natural bodybuilding mainly in Europe is a unique sport where one of the main purposes of the sport is to chase, catch and reveal doping positive athletes. It is not an easy job to do and it takes a lot of studying before anybody would like to fight against doping in their country. Therefore the idea of dedicate one of the meetings from Erasmus+ project to anti-doping proceedings was clearly just must-do-action. A lot of young sportsmen would like to look like their idols in the shortest time possible. The easiest way for them is to take steroids and prohibited substances without realizing the consequences. Unfortunately our youth is not educated about the dangers of steroids. They don’t know the true meaning of living a healthy life. Leaders and members of natural bodybuilding organizations all over Europe are trying to spread the good word about healthy lifestyle and influence the youth. There has never been a common way of doing it properly. This was the right time to start.

The meeting in Budapest was focused on 2 topics:

  1. Anti-doping – the fight against doping in natural bodybuilding and fitness
  2. Involvement of talented youth

Anti-doping in general is a very comprehensive subject. It takes months to learn the basics. The aim of the meeting was to offer solutions on how to solve specific cases regarding doping proceedings. Presenters were 2 experienced professionals in the field who closely cooperate with WADA (World Anti-doping Agency). They were Michael Jablonski (CEO of Global Quality Sport) and Miroslav Motyčík (CEO of Slovak Anti-doping Academy).  

Miroslav Motyčík presented and explained the work of WADA. Participants got to know the terminology regarding anti-doping. The proceedings according to WADA code were explained and participants learned what steps they have to take in order to be recognized by NADOs (National anti-doping organization).

Michael Jablonski described the work of his organization, Global Quality Sport, in details. He has worked with GNBF for many years and other leaders welcomed new ways of fighting against doping. He introduced various ways of doing off-season testing which can be implemented in many countries upcoming years.

Leaders have decided that there should be uniformed ways of doing doping tests. The conclusion of the whole discussion was that each country should do certain number of tests each year according to the number of members. Not only that, but also public should be informed of all the activities within organization to prove that they really mean the fight against doping. Social media and the Internet in general will be used to inform and educate. Unfortunately many athletes, especially the youth, don’t realize the consequences of taking steroids. Organizations which have the word “natural” in their names have to be the ones to show everyone that the sport can be done without prohibited substances.

Each participant agreed that the meeting like this was so much needed, because now as they were educated they can teach others and spread the word. It is not that easy to learn about WADA proceedings and how it works within organizations. Thanks to Erasmus+ project it was possible and all those who are involved in sport and would like to see natural and clean sport are grateful.