4th Meeting - Senec, Slovakia

The  European leaders of natural bodybuilding and their members met 31st November at the last meeting in Senec, Slovakia. Members of German Natural Bodybuilding  & Fitness Federation (GNBF), Hungarian Natural Bodybuilding  Association (BTESE – INBA Hungary), Slovak Association of Natural Bodybuilding (SANK), Romanian Association of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness (RANB – INBA Romania) and Czech Fitnesscentrum Kobra Bruntál created a group of about 50 people who came to speak about methods of trainings in bodybuilding and fitness categories.

The topic of training methods, nutrition and preparing for a competition not only for bodybuilders, but also for athletes of fitness is highly discussed. As it is in other sports also in bodybuilding we can find modern methods which argue the “old-school” methods. However there are core rules which need to be followed when a natural athlete is preparing for a competition. The main difference is that natural athletes do not take any prohibited substances which could make their preparation easier.

Berend Breitestein, life-time natural bodybuilder, was to right person to speak about the topic. He is an author of a couple of books dedicated to training, dieting and natural way of lifestyle. Many of the participants were athletes and coaches and therefore they have their own ways of training, but it was great to hear slightly different opinions. Each of them could take some advice to their future work. As everyone present was connected to coaching there was a productive discussion. The best thing was that everybody respected all opinions even though they do it differently. Mr Breitenstein also spoke about mindset which takes an important role in training mainly for natural bodybuilders.

Eva Mistrová, a very experienced coach of fitness, who is currently working with kids had her presentation about fitess and fitness kids. It was continuation of Mr Rigo’s topic from Budapest (Involvement of talented youth). Each organization should focus on developing children and introducing them natural sport. As it is not ethical to let children expose as in bodybuilding or other classes, fitness classic is perfectly designed for them. In the age of technologies we cannot deny the fact that kids these days spend just too much time in front of TV and computers. All the parents have their intentions to find a suitable sport for their kids. Unfortunately, not many parents and even teachers know about fitness. Therefore it is a task for each leader to introduce the sport to schools and coaches. The aim is clear… to grow fitness in natural bodybuilding and thus developing young athletes who can be later those who will represent natural sport.

Viliam Rigo, the project manager, concluded the Erasmus+ project with his final speech in which he thanked to all those who participated throughout the whole year. “A lot of work has been done, a lot of right decisions were made, a lot of new rules were already implemented and that all could happen thanks to all the leaders of natural bodybuilding organizations and European Commission and Erasmus+ project.” Rigo said. He added: “The year 2019 was very difficult for us, but on the other hand we were able to do so much work which we couldn’t do in years if we didn’t have the project.” Everything what was agreed on this year is a milestone for natural bodybuilding and all the organizations have something to build on. Any new organization which would like to be part of these European leaders will have a clear picture of what is required from them if they want to join them in fighting for natural and clean sport.